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Book banter – The Rise of the Meritocracy

In our latest Book Banter episode, we review The Rise of the Meritocracy, by British sociologist and politician Michael Young. This satirical essay was first published in 1958, projecting into the year 2034. Oxfam’s Angela Picciariello and Susanna Griffiths discuss what it can tell us about inequality in the present day.

Book banter – Weapons of Math Destruction

In this podcast Oxfam researchers Franziska Mager and Deborah Hardoon review Weapons of Math Destruction by Cathy O’Neil, a book which describes the way that big data is being used to affect every aspect of our lives, leading to bias which increases inequality and threatens democracy.

Podcast: Book banter

Franziska Mager and Deborah Hardoon take to the air waves to share their thoughts on two books that deal with the economy, wealth and inequality. The Great Escape, by Angus Deaton, and Africa: Why Economists Get It Wrong by Morten Jerven.

What the iPhone has got to do with inequality

What is the role of the state in fostering innovation and economic growth? Mariana Mazzucato’s book, The Entrepreneurial State, reveals the role of the public sector in risk taking and the development of new technology, and argues that the state should receive more of the rewards. Research Assistant Franziska Mager reviews the book for Oxfam. Why I read it This …

Have economists got Africa wrong?

Deborah Hardoon, Oxfam’s Deputy Head of Research, kicks off a new series of book reviews for those who want to delve deeper into development and humanitarian issues, beginning with Africa: Why Economists Get It Wrong by Morten Jerven. Book Banter Are you looking for some inspiring reading? Short on time or don’t know where to begin? Oxfam’s researchers review their latest …